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Hudson Valley Real Estate brings you the best of new construction luxury homes in Hudson Valley. There is nothing like the feeling of turning the key to the front door of your new home for the first time – our job is to help you arrive at that moment. As anticipation builds, we will soothe over any kinks in the buying process so you can look forward to the excitement of finding your dream home with none of the stress that comes along with the search.

Helmed by licensed real estate salesperson, Aoife Freemen, the 2019 Rookie of the Year, and #1 agent among 100 associates at the leading brokerage in Central Valley, Hudson Valley Real Estate assists buyers in the Hudson Valley with a host of services, from financial preparation to finding the perfect property to negotiating the best terms and making sure the details of the transaction and the paperwork is error-free. We present listings and discuss factors that affect your decision to purchase a home in Hudson Valley with the use of relevant market data and our real estate expertise.

With so many threads in the process, it takes an experienced team like ours to prevent delays and to help you achieve the best outcome. We keep your unique preferences in mind and guide you through the buying process to help you make informed decisions. When you work with us, you can look forward to seamless execution from day one.

Our goal is to make the buying process easy – Hudson Valley Real Estate gives you the professional support you need to succeed.

Get in touch with us at 917.656.0040 or [email protected].